Parish Church of San Vito, Modesto and Crescenzia

The Coli parish church, located in the village centre, was built between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It was constructed on the base of an earlier church that was dependent upon the Bobbio monastery. All of the frescoes are from the early twentieth century.

Inside of the church there is the Crux Michaelica or Saint Michael Cross, an old engraved stone cross which used to be in the little Saint Michael church located close to the cavern. The cross fell into the Curiasca River in the nineteenth century when the church collapsed due to a landslide. It remained there, on the gravel bed of the river until it was retrieved by Bishop Porrati.

The cross dates between the eighth and ninth centuries. It is decorated with a low relief and a Latin inscription. In the middle is a circle to symbolize the sun, reminiscent of Celtic style.

On the lower side there is a damaged inscription which is difficult to decode:

“Crux adoranda Micaelicam tu quoque frater adora, hinc dominus quivis fere precipit orando”.

It can be translated as

“Brother, worship the Saint Michael’s cross, which is worthy of any devotion. It is a precept of every prelate who prays here.”

To have both the cavern and the church consecrated to Saint Michael is not a problem. Saint Michael is an angel-warrior who defends the faith of God against Satan. He is the protector of all of the material and spiritual ways that lead a Christian to salvation. He protects those who travel towards spiritual evolution, and ultimately, those who are pilgrims.

The church is open during the week for the celebration of mass (18:00) and on Sunday mornings.